Visualizer Faq’s

The editing tools are robust but can be hard to navigate for first-time users. We recommend submitting your image through the Custom Services Design Services option so that our team can prepare your 2D project for you. 

Yes. If you save the Sample Project to your visualizer account, you will have access to the Edit options at the top of the Product Layers list. When you save the project for the first time, the visualizer will ask for a new project name. To access your version of this project in the future, go to the My Projects page of the visualizer (available in the header when signed in) and select it from your list of projects. 

Go to Edit Layers/Draw area, click on the layer on the image that you want to change in order to pull up the edit menu options, look for the “Remove Entire Surface” button option to delete that layer entirely. 

Yes. On 2D projects such as Instant Designs, you can group layers of the same type together so that they act like the same area when applying products. The Group tab is available in the Edit Layers/Draw area of the visualizer. From the Group tab, click on each layer of the same type on your image that you want and click Group. o

Alternatively, when in the Design area, you can click on a layer to apply products and look for the Recent tab at the top of the product selection menu to find/reapply selections you’ve chosen before. 


You can use the zoom controls in the lower right corner to zoom in and pan the view around to the area you want to see in detail. 

Applying Products and Saving Designs

  • How To Apply Products 
    Click on the desired outlined area using the list on the left or click on an outlined area on the image to open the product selection menu. Each choice will expand the selection until you see the color options for that product style. You can scroll up and down through this menu to go back to previous options. Clicking on a color option will apply it to the main image. Clicking the same outlined area again will let you select a new color/product option.
  • Applying Products – 3D Model
    When a product is selected for the first time on a 3D model, all areas of that type will change to the same product selection. This is to help apply products quickly across the entire structure. Afterwards, you can make different elections on each area independently.  Clicking the same area again will let you select a new color/product option. Scroll up in the menu and expand previous selection options to access other styles or brands.


  • Saving Designs to a Project
    Sign in to your visualizer account, save the entire project using the save option in the upper right, then use the Snapshots feature to save the current design/product selections. You can save multiple designs this way and reapply them onto the main image by clicking on their thumbnail images in the Snapshot menu. You can also include any saved Snapshots in the printable Report.


  • Saving Designs to your Computer or Device
    To save a design to your computer or device, there are two options: Download an image of the current design, or, access the printable Report and either print it or save it as a PDF file from your print menu. (The Report area lets you include each of your saved Snapshot designs in the Report. 

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